Keto Adjustment: Is this the Good Part?


This Keto diet has had me on an extreme rollercoaster. Starting out I knew this would be hard but I did not think I would have all of the side effects I have had.

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Brain Fogs
  • Low energy
  • Weakness trying to workout
  • etc, etc, etc

These symptoms came from the “Keto Flu”. My body needed to adjust to my new way of eating. The first couple weeks were very tough but I believe I am finally starting to adjust! My energy has been restored, I do not feel nauseous, my concentration has improved as my mood has as well.

Is this the good part?

Is this what I suffered for?

I have decided to work back in trying to exercise regularly as from before I was unable to without feeling like complete crap. Easing into this I started with 20 minutes just of cardio and a 25 minute sauna session. (That’s the longest I have ever been able to stay in the sauna-YES, it gets REALLY hot)

The best part: I usually hate to workout, until I get into the groove of things! But staying consistent has been the hardest part. With Keto, it is a savior for those who do not enjoy working out, you will lose weight with or without doing it.

What I have started to particularly enjoy is the RECIPES, (which I plan to share with you all in a future blog). I have found so many that make this MUCH easier to deal with, fun to make and try out. Again, Keto is about 60%-80% healthy fats, 25%-30% protein, and 5%-10% carbs (which should come from vegetables. These are your Macros, I track my macros on the app MyFitnessPal. It is perfect for this diet.

I am currently on day 24 and even plan to possibly do this much longer than just 30 days, simply because I believe I am starting to adjust and enjoy the results. Let’s hope I can keep this same energy and motivation!Image-1


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