Is Every Diet a “Quick Fix”- The Keto Feel

It has been said from time and time and time again that a “quick fix” is not the way to get to where you want to be and truly progress in health and fitness.

But, there are so many “diets” that claim to not be a quick fix but what do they mean by that?

  • You can make this a lifestyle?
  • After quitting this “diet” you’ll eat and live healthier?
  • You will know how to live after this diet and reaching where you want to be?

When people “Go on a diet” doesn’t that mean they eventually “go off” of it?

More specifically, the keto diet, I have tried it myself and with the amount of research I have done on this diet before, during, and after trying it myself it is not recommended to be on it longer than year straight. So, once you are done with this diet you’ll have to adjust to a new way of eating correct, by a year later you are adjusted to this way of eating so now what?

A new quick fix?

I only tried this “quick fix” because of the rave it was getting and a recent relationship that distracted me from my goals….Relationship weight is real people!

I never say I am going on a diet…it is a lifestyle change. I want to consistently eat and do better and have options. Any other “quick fixes” I have done have been to cleanse and detox still with the knowledge of how to adjust back to eating correctly and exercising with no issues.

I had so many side effects with the keto diet, after adjusting to it, it did eventually get better but overall I do not recommend this diet…especially since on matter what people say this is a “quick fix”

Do your research, detox, cleanse, meal prep and workout.. do not overall restrict your eating or anything else too soon. Make a plan that works for you…
All diets are a quick fix…If you would like to be overall healthier, feel better and look better go through trial and error..

You will find what works for you…Be consistent!


8 thoughts on “Is Every Diet a “Quick Fix”- The Keto Feel

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  1. I agree, quick fixes aren’t the best route but you tend to get results faster. I’ve tried quick fix diets & as soon as I stopped, I packed on pounds (more than what I started with). Anything that I try now, I gradually ease into it.

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  2. I have tried one of those quick fix diet before and I always lose any progress I’ve made. For me, it’s a mental thing. If I am able to mentally handle it, then I know I will be able to stick with it.


  3. I tried the keto once, with my friends. I work, work out, and go to school….when the ketosis or whatever hit, I WAS SO TIRED. I thought, this cannot be healthy girl!

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