Fashion Nova is out–Amazon is in!

This week it’ll be a little different. I am sharing my fashion on a budget!! I am ALL about saving money.

The site Fashion Nova has gained so much attention with being affordable clothes that look great…but for the most part, in my experience….not so much!

I was faithfully ordering from Fashion Nova and I do not know if it is the hype or what but so many recent buys from this company that I have received have been horrible quality and do not at all fit as they do on the models. It has gone down hill!

That is not even the worst part.. With ordering from them, if something does not fit how you want…YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK, they offer store credit….ALSO, it costs just to return the items considering it is all the way in CALIFORNIA..

More money out the window *Face Palm*

With that being said I have taken to amazon for my party outfits and with ALOT of searching I have realized that so many items that are on Fashion Nova are on AMAZON usually for cheaper…THAT is not even the best part…with me being a prime member, I get my items in 2 days and returns are free, easy and instant with a full refund.

Amazon $20………….Fashion Nova $24.99

I have recently gotten a great haul from Amazon…Wanna know why I am sold on Amazon over Fashion Nova….

If it doesn’t work…..I GET MY MONEY BACK!




8 thoughts on “Fashion Nova is out–Amazon is in!

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  1. I have been contemplating on ordering from Fashionova. I’m not sure if their clothing will fit me the way I want & I’m don’t want to waste money. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews from people who have ordered. Stores who don’t give refunds are deal breakers for me… especially if they don’t have a physical location.


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