My $150 December Amazon Haul!!

Shopping on a budget is what I do best, and as some of you may already know.. Amazon is my go to just to fit that budget.

December has always been a busy busy month for me so what I had to do was shop smart for my birthday, MY GRADUATION (WOO HOO), my mothers birthday (4 days after mine -_-) and of course CHRISTMAS…

This is the month to budget budget budget because so much money goes out just as fast as it comes in for me. I have never been such a materialistic person so anything *Extravagant* that I buy must be bought with a lot of time, thought and effort put into pushing that Complete Purchase.


  • Not much effort is put into making the purchase
  • More for less
  • Still looks as good as the high end – Mostly (Ok, it’s a hit or miss at times)

That is why I am so attracted to AMAZON, if it is a miss, I get my money back the very next day even when they have not received the items back.

But looking good for a great price is something I can do very well, this first haul of outfits was strictly for my birthday, graduation and of course the PARTIES 🙂

Everything fit perfectly and I can say this has been my best haul yet!!


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